June 8, 2017


4 ways you can protect the environment by being a vegan

By being careful about the food you choose to eat, you can contribute positively to the environment. By choosing to be a vegan you can prevent many animals from slaughter. Here are some of the ways you can protect our environment this way.

You can protect the soil

If you eat only plant-based food, you will get all the different kinds of nutrients available in the soil. According to research when animals are raised for consuming, the nutrients at the topsoil start to get lost. Desertification and deforestation occur.

It conserves water

Earth’s fresh water is mostly used in agriculture. It takes much more water to produce beef compared to a similar amount of plant food. You can conserve water by not eating beef. When you consume seafood, many species may become endangered.

It makes the air clean

You will get a very bad smell from factory farms. These farms produce air pollution. Lots of nitrous oxide is released in manure and this contributes to climate change. Animal agriculture can contribute to greenhouse gas.

It can save energy

It requires lots of energy to produce animal-based protein than making plant-based protein. So, by eating only plant-based food, you will be able to save a lot of energy.

If we can develop the habit of eating plant-based food, then we will be able to save our environment from getting destroyed. We can also prevent ourselves from many diseases and stay healthy.…


5 things in your house that you can reuse

Millions of trashes are created every day in households. We throw away most of the things. But there are things that can easily be reused. Here are five things in your home that you can reuse instead of throwing them away.

1. Plastic bags

When we throw plastic bags, they end up in landfills. You can keep them instead for future shopping use. You can also use layers of plastic bags to store valuable items. Plastic bags can be recycled. They can also be donated.

2. Old CDs or DVDs

If you have CDs or DVDs that you know longer need or that are damaged, you upcycle them instead of throwing them away. You can use them as decorative items or make ornaments with them. If you keep discs on tree limbs, they can keep birds away. There are many CD recycling centers available where you can take the CDs for recycling.

3. Used tea bags

We consume tea every day. You can easily reuse your tea bags for various purposes. You can use them for relieving puffy eyes, soothing insect bites, treating small burns, using as compost, etc.

4. Old glass containers

You can reuse your old glass containers with lids in many ways. You can use it to keep leftovers. You can also use it to store pasta, sugar, rice, etc. You can keep cookies and nuts in it as well.

We should reuse as many things as possible. We should try to reduce the number of landfills and make our environment less polluted.…


3 ways to keep your neighborhood clean

You should teach your kids to keep the environment clean from a very young age. You should teach them how to keep their neighborhood pollution free. We all should be aware of our surroundings and try to keep the environment clean. Here are some ideas on how you can keep your neighborhood clean.

Have a monthly clean up day

You should encourage your children to form a group so that they can have a monthly clean up day. You can join your neighbors and fix a day when you will pick up trash and clean your neighborhood. It can be a fun event.


Many of the letters that we find in our streets are recyclable. You should recycle these things. You can teach your kids about the items that are recyclable and what they should do with it. You can arrange a competition for kids to collect recyclable items.

Plant trees and take care of trees

You should trim and cut tree branches in your neighborhood. Branches that are too long can get inside the house through windows. You should keep the branches short so that it doesn’t damage properties. You should arrange a tree planting day. On this day you will plant new trees in your neighborhood. Plants can give you fresh air and make the environment healthy to live in.

These tips are very effective in keeping your neighborhood clean. The entire family can participate in this event and have fun. Most importantly, everyone in the community together can keep their environment in good condition by taking these steps.

Infographic by: www.americanforests.org