December 2018


6 Tips For Homeowners To Design & Build Their Own Gazebo

Gazebos were considered a symbol of social status of elites in various regions of the world. Historically, it was an important thing among Egyptians but gained popularity during the 16th and 17th centuries in England.

After so many years, it still is popular among the masses. People are building it in their backyards and gardens, especially in Wollongong. Because just a look at a gazebo and you start picturing hosting your kid’s graduation party, BBQ with your friends or maybe a gazebos Melbourne wedding.

Want to enjoy the outside view but with the shelter from the sun, wind, and rain, a gazebo is what you are looking for. It can be a beautiful addition to your house, and it also expands the outdoor living capacity.

You want a gazebo in your yard, you can build it. And it is no can’t-do job. But you do need to factor in many aspects of the available resources before erecting your own gazebo:

1: Select your style

Gazebo has a variety of shapes and style. Decide what you want.  Do you prefer ditch style or old colonial style?The perfect knowledge about the shapes and style would be helpful in making further arrangements

2: Decide a suitable place

If you want gazebo, you surely would already have in your mind where do you want it. It is good to assess the location carefully. Check whether the place meets your needs. Does the area have suitable environment for the structure you want to build.

And you also want the via ew around when you sit in your gazebo. Make sure you do not build it on a dull site.

3: Take your measurements

A proper structure requires accurate measurements. After deciding style and location, now you have to take some measurements. You can take help from some (experts) if you are not good at this.  Measure the length and width of the location and decide keeping in view the factors that might get affected by your gazebo design.

4: Draw the figure

Drawing your idea on the paper would help you in turning it into a reality easily. You do not have to show professional skills but at least make it comprehensible for yourself. It would also tell you how the end result would look like.

5: Select your material

Decide what materials do you prefer to use? Wood is the general choice for gazebo, but many people also prefer iron. Wood is an easy-to-handle material and can also be painted to match colors in the garden.

If you are good with wood, then go for it. And decide the type of wood before starting cutting posts.

6: Points to remember

Mark the area first and then assemble the base frame

Make sure base is leveled otherwise your wall and decking wouldn’t fit.



Why Power Washing is a Good Idea

Home exteriors are prone to a great deal of wear. The harsh sun beating down on the walls plus the dirt and debris left by the winds blowing now and then can make the walls of a home look old and decrepit. Even if you are one of those who make sure that a fresh coat of paint is applied every now and then, it’s not uncommon to find the colour looking faded just after a few months of a fresh paint job. In order to maintain that clean and fresh look, it is essential to get a house washing service in Brisbane. Power washing is a simple yet effective way of making the walls free from all sort of buildups.

The following are a few benefits of having house washing done in Brisbane:

  • Sometimes it’s just not possible to upkeep the exterior by having a fresh coat of paint done every now and then. It can be a burden on the pocket as well. This is why it is essential to get a professional crew to pressure clean the walls can help achieve the same object. The high pressure jet stream can help cleanse the walls of all the dirt and grime which has accumulated over a period of time.
  • Also it’s a much cheaper and economic option than any other property enhancing technique. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to make the space look clean and inviting. The same can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of a new paint job.
  • This way it becomes easier to maintain your property. Pressure washing on a seasonal basis can have its own advantages. It can help make your house look cleaner. Also if you plan to resell your property a clean and clear exterior can actually add value to your home.
  • Some areas are prone to mildew and mould. It’s common to see a great deal of mould on the walls usually because of the dampness in the surroundings. If that is the case, pressure washing can actually help get rid of the mould.
  • Also it can help to keep the creepy crawlies away. Spiders tend to spread their webs and a property with a great deal of cobwebs tends to look old and unkempt. The pressure washing can easily remove the cobwebs even in hard to reach places.
  • A clean and well-kept home looks welcoming and plus you would feel great living in a house which looks so aesthetic. It’s a great feeling. Plus if you tend to have people over, a well-kept home always creates a great first impression.

In order to make sure that your place looks clean and appealing, get it pressure washed every six months or so.  This way you don’t have to worry about painting jobs every now and then. Pressure washing is a good investment, just make sure that you hire a professional for the job. This is because…


Benefits Of Solar

Across Lismore, solar is playing a vital role in building healthier and resilient communities, in addition to addressing the challenges facing energy affordability as a result of the rising and volatile prices of electricity. The following are the main ways in which is solar is working for Lismore:

Low maintenance

With solar, it does not feature any moving parts in the roof-mounted solar array. Therefore, we can see that there is little or no maintenance required with solar. You don’t even bother cleaning the panels as the wind helps in keeping the surface dust free. For the case of a significant amount of snow, the sun that emerges mid-morning performs all the work by melting it away. Also, if you’re concerned with the operating and performance issues, the manufacturer’s warranty can address this out. Thus, solar promise low maintenance in comparison to other sources of energy.

Energy independence

When you use solar energy, you reduce the need of relying on sources like the non-renewable sources of energy. Therefore, solar energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels.


It is true that you take care of the surrounding whenever you generate electricity from the sunlight and renewable sources. Therefore, the more you use solar power, the less you will depend on electricity generated via dirty coal stations. The sources end up polluting the atmosphere adversely, and even causing deaths of the living things.

Guarantee performance

With the solar performance, you’re promised that no outbreak will be expected. All this is because they rely on light from the sunlight for their performance. Thus, as long there is sunlight, you’re quite sure that your operations will run as per the desires.

More energy

It is evident that we are living in a state providing more than 319 days of sunshine. Therefore, there are high chances for the solar panel to produce more energy that you need. In this case, you can preserve this energy to use it over the night in the absence of sunlight or when the panels are not in a position of producing energy.

Increase the home value

With solar panel at your home, it means that you’re not incurring any electric costs. Therefore, solar panels can make your home to emerging the best in the marketplace. Also, research shows that a home with a solar array sells faster in addition to bringing more money.

Save money

With solar panels, it means that you don’t incur monthly payments for electricity costs. Thus, you’ll end saving more when using solar panels throughout the year.

It’s reliable and safe

Looking at the case of modern solar technology, we find that they operate at less than 30A and 12V. Hence, the chance of starting fires or being electrocuted is very minimal. Therefore, when the system gets installed by using proper fuses and wires of the correct sizes.


Solar power does not produce any waste and consumes no fuel, hence clean.

In conclusion, we can see that solar panels present a sustainable option for the technology of conventional energy, with the capability of providing the owners of homes with a significant amount of their needs for energy while safeguarding the quality of the environment and human health. As a result, solar energy systems enhance economic opportunities and property values throughout the community.…



How is a Pergola different from a Gazebo

Ever wondered what’s the difference between a pergola and a gazebo? Since the two structures are quite similar people are usually confused and often mistaken both as one and the same thing. The experts at pergolas Adelaide share their knowledge to help you differentiate between the two.


Pergolas are arch like structures or a column like structure. A pergola normally supports a lattice work. Normally used as walk ways, pergolas add an added grace and a quaint old world charm to your gardens or outdoor space.

Pergola is an Italian word which means a walk way under the flower boughs. Often people plant climbing walls around the pergola to get that charming look which evokes a golden bygone period of grace and beauty.

Imagine a pergola full of flowers and boughs growing around it. This can actually improve the aesthetic value of your home as well. It can provide a shade and on a particularly pleasant day you could sit under the pergola and enjoy the weather.

A pergola can serve as an entry way as well. It gives a classic view of your home and makes it look welcoming and beautiful. We decorate the interior of our homes using the best furniture pieces. Consider a pergola a a welcome addition to decorate the exterior portion of your home.

A pergola can serve as a great space for having an outdoor lunch. However, pergolas Adelaide is not completely roofed so it might not be easy to have lunch or dinner outside when it rains. But when the weather is pleasant the pergola allows you to enjoy the view and relax in the light shade that it provides. A pergola can prove to be a quiet get away as well. It’s not supposed to give you full view but rather an obstructed way. Consider it as a little get away covered with flowers and boughs way from prying eyes. It’s more of a romantic structure which appeals to everyone who is a lover of all things quaint and beautiful.


A gazebo compromises of a full roof. This means that pergolas provide shade during all kinds of weather. Come rain or sun shine. A gazebo can be either free standing or attached to the deck. This actually depends upon the structure and design which you choose. Most people have pergolas built on their decks only. It serves more like an extension of the interior of the home. It can be used as a play area for the children or as a place to entertain guests.

A gazebo provides an unobstructed view of the whole home. It’s an open space unlike a pergola. However some people add screens to the pergolas to turn it into a small room. It all depends upon what someone prefers.

Both pergolas and gazebos can be a welcome addition to any home. Both can immediately add an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.…