December 24, 2018


6 Tips For Homeowners To Design & Build Their Own Gazebo

Gazebos were considered a symbol of social status of elites in various regions of the world. Historically, it was an important thing among Egyptians but gained popularity during the 16th and 17th centuries in England.

After so many years, it still is popular among the masses. People are building it in their backyards and gardens, especially in Wollongong. Because just a look at a gazebo and you start picturing hosting your kid’s graduation party, BBQ with your friends or maybe a gazebos Melbourne wedding.

Want to enjoy the outside view but with the shelter from the sun, wind, and rain, a gazebo is what you are looking for. It can be a beautiful addition to your house, and it also expands the outdoor living capacity.

You want a gazebo in your yard, you can build it. And it is no can’t-do job. But you do need to factor in many aspects of the available resources before erecting your own gazebo:

1: Select your style

Gazebo has a variety of shapes and style. Decide what you want.  Do you prefer ditch style or old colonial style?The perfect knowledge about the shapes and style would be helpful in making further arrangements

2: Decide a suitable place

If you want gazebo, you surely would already have in your mind where do you want it. It is good to assess the location carefully. Check whether the place meets your needs. Does the area have suitable environment for the structure you want to build.

And you also want the via ew around when you sit in your gazebo. Make sure you do not build it on a dull site.

3: Take your measurements

A proper structure requires accurate measurements. After deciding style and location, now you have to take some measurements. You can take help from some (experts) if you are not good at this.  Measure the length and width of the location and decide keeping in view the factors that might get affected by your gazebo design.

4: Draw the figure

Drawing your idea on the paper would help you in turning it into a reality easily. You do not have to show professional skills but at least make it comprehensible for yourself. It would also tell you how the end result would look like.

5: Select your material

Decide what materials do you prefer to use? Wood is the general choice for gazebo, but many people also prefer iron. Wood is an easy-to-handle material and can also be painted to match colors in the garden.

If you are good with wood, then go for it. And decide the type of wood before starting cutting posts.

6: Points to remember

Mark the area first and then assemble the base frame

Make sure base is leveled otherwise your wall and decking wouldn’t fit.