March 5, 2019


Choosing the right paint colour

Choosing the right paint colour for the interior of your home is pretty important. It can actually change the way the whole place looks. It can add depth, dimension and character to otherwise a simple space. You can bring out the walls, ceilings, paneling and the doors of your place, it would not only help improve the look of your space but would minimise any flaws around it as well.

Few things to keep in mind when considering repainting your home include

  • The kind of furniture in a particular room. The experts at painting services Melbourne advise on keeping in mind the tones of the furniture and the colour of the upholstery.
  • Experts recommend accent walls. This is a painting technique which includes painting a single wall a dark colour compared to the rest of the walls. Accent walls look great because they give a perception of depth. These command interest and tend to look classy as well.
  • Also keep in mind the dimensions of the room. A room which is small might need to be painted in lighter colours to make it appear bigger and less congested.

The colour of the walls would determine how you home actually looks once the paint job is finished. While you may have your heart set on a particular colour but you should also pay attention to the advice offered by the painting contractor. They have any years of experience painting homes and they would be able to advice you whether a particular colour would look good on the walls or you are better off using a different tone or shade.

Also it’s not only about the colour of the wall but also a variety of sheens which can impact on how the paint job is going to look like. While there are pictures of all the sheens and textures you could make do with, these tend to look a great deal different when done on the walls. It’s better to ask the experts advice to see whether it would go with your home’s interior.

You can go for a light and airy colour scheme which compromises of white and blue. It not only looks graceful and sophisticated but is easy on the eyes as well. Imagine coming to a room with pristine white walls and cool blue tones, it would help you relax immediately.

Similarly a boudoir can be painted in dark colours to accentuate the air of mystery and give the space some depth and dimension. The basic colour scheme could include shades of red or garnet. However it should be paired with a somewhat lighter colour scheme to make sure it doesn’t look a bit too over whelming.

A kitchen can be made to look bright and welcoming when it’s painted in yellow or green. These are inviting shades which give the room an appearance of being cozy as well as inviting.

For more advice on colours and textures make sure you contact painting services in Melbourne.…