March 6, 2019


Solar in Gold Coast

Solar, a technology to convert a pure, renewable and natural energy source originates from the sun to a usable source of energy. This technology is able to generate and fulfil one-tenth of to total energy consumption globally. The main components used in this technology are scientifically known as photovoltaic cells or commonly known as solar panels designed like a spacecraft or rooftops. The main component is made up of semi-conductive materials like in electronic chips. These solar panels trigger the electron when hit by the sun and generate electricity.

The solar energy is useful for both residential and commercial purpose.

Residential Solar

As a homeowner you’re aware of the high electricity prices, solar residential power setup can reduce this electricity to about 40 percent. If you’re a heavy user of electricity then solar power for your home is just the right thing to control your rising electricity charges. He solar power not only helps to reduce your electricity bills but also helps to get clean natural energy from the sun, in this way you can help the environment and your surroundings by producing clean energy. The solar power for your home not only produces clean energy from a renewable source but the big window sized panels can absorb the heat directly and keep your house warm whole night. These panels can also be used as a water heater or geyser to heat water directly by the sunlight.

Commercial Solar

As being a metropolitan region of east coast Australia, gold coast has various commercial factories and companies which consumes a huge amount of electricity. To resolve the electrical price hike and to control environmental pollution, the government emphasises the commercial users to go for solar panels in Gold Coast. These big factories can utilise their rooftops by installing solar panels and saving a huge amount of electricity bills. These panels not only help the companies to cutting their bills but they can produce a large amount of electricity for the residents living nearby too. By using solar energy these companies not only save a large amount of electricity but also improve their credential in the market for using natural energy source.

Nowadays you can have 24/7 solar power in your house or company by adding battery systems to them. In the gold coast, you can find many companies selling these battery based solar power system for residential and commercial purposes. By adding battery system you can maximise your power consumption and can be totally dependent on solar energy. There are multiple examples in gold coast who uses solar power alone and save tons of money, not only that but contribute in saving the environment too by using full natural renewable energy source.

Solar energy has a number of benefits, not only in saving electricity but also saving the environment. The only drawback this energy source has is that it is expensive, you need a large area to install the solar panels to produce a reasonable amount of energy. But nowadays with the help of government and falling prices solar energy contributes a large amount of total energy production. Countries like Japan, Germany, and the United States has emerged as a major market for solar energy products. So, if you want to cut your electricity bills and contribute to the environment than solar energy is the way to go.…