Solar in Gold Coast

Solar, a technology to convert a pure, renewable and natural energy source originates from the sun to a usable source of energy. This technology is able to generate and fulfil one-tenth of to total energy consumption globally. The main components used in this technology are scientifically known as photovoltaic cells or commonly known as solar panels designed like a spacecraft or rooftops. The main component is made up of semi-conductive materials like in electronic chips. These solar panels trigger the electron when hit by the sun and generate electricity.

The solar energy is useful for both residential and commercial purpose.

Residential Solar

As a homeowner you’re aware of the high electricity prices, solar residential power setup can reduce this electricity to about 40 percent. If you’re a heavy user of electricity then solar power for your home is just the right thing to control your rising electricity charges. He solar power not only helps to reduce your electricity bills but also helps to get clean natural energy from the sun, in this way you can help the environment and your surroundings by producing clean energy. The solar power for your home not only produces clean energy from a renewable source but the big window sized panels can absorb the heat directly and keep your house warm whole night. These panels can also be used as a water heater or geyser to heat water directly by the sunlight.

Commercial Solar

As being a metropolitan region of east coast Australia, gold coast has various commercial factories and companies which consumes a huge amount of electricity. To resolve the electrical price hike and to control environmental pollution, the government emphasises the commercial users to go for solar panels in Gold Coast. These big factories can utilise their rooftops by installing solar panels and saving a huge amount of electricity bills. These panels not only help the companies to cutting their bills but they can produce a large amount of electricity for the residents living nearby too. By using solar energy these companies not only save a large amount of electricity but also improve their credential in the market for using natural energy source.

Nowadays you can have 24/7 solar power in your house or company by adding battery systems to them. In the gold coast, you can find many companies selling these battery based solar power system for residential and commercial purposes. By adding battery system you can maximise your power consumption and can be totally dependent on solar energy. There are multiple examples in gold coast who uses solar power alone and save tons of money, not only that but contribute in saving the environment too by using full natural renewable energy source.

Solar energy has a number of benefits, not only in saving electricity but also saving the environment. The only drawback this energy source has is that it is expensive, you need a large area to install the solar panels to produce a reasonable amount of energy. But nowadays with the help of government and falling prices solar energy contributes a large amount of total energy production. Countries like Japan, Germany, and the United States has emerged as a major market for solar energy products. So, if you want to cut your electricity bills and contribute to the environment than solar energy is the way to go.…


6 Tips For Homeowners To Design & Build Their Own Gazebo

Gazebos were considered a symbol of social status of elites in various regions of the world. Historically, it was an important thing among Egyptians but gained popularity during the 16th and 17th centuries in England.

After so many years, it still is popular among the masses. People are building it in their backyards and gardens, especially in Wollongong. Because just a look at a gazebo and you start picturing hosting your kid’s graduation party, BBQ with your friends or maybe a gazebos Melbourne wedding.

Want to enjoy the outside view but with the shelter from the sun, wind, and rain, a gazebo is what you are looking for. It can be a beautiful addition to your house, and it also expands the outdoor living capacity.

You want a gazebo in your yard, you can build it. And it is no can’t-do job. But you do need to factor in many aspects of the available resources before erecting your own gazebo:

1: Select your style

Gazebo has a variety of shapes and style. Decide what you want.  Do you prefer ditch style or old colonial style?The perfect knowledge about the shapes and style would be helpful in making further arrangements

2: Decide a suitable place

If you want gazebo, you surely would already have in your mind where do you want it. It is good to assess the location carefully. Check whether the place meets your needs. Does the area have suitable environment for the structure you want to build.

And you also want the via ew around when you sit in your gazebo. Make sure you do not build it on a dull site.

3: Take your measurements

A proper structure requires accurate measurements. After deciding style and location, now you have to take some measurements. You can take help from some (experts) if you are not good at this.  Measure the length and width of the location and decide keeping in view the factors that might get affected by your gazebo design.

4: Draw the figure

Drawing your idea on the paper would help you in turning it into a reality easily. You do not have to show professional skills but at least make it comprehensible for yourself. It would also tell you how the end result would look like.

5: Select your material

Decide what materials do you prefer to use? Wood is the general choice for gazebo, but many people also prefer iron. Wood is an easy-to-handle material and can also be painted to match colors in the garden.

If you are good with wood, then go for it. And decide the type of wood before starting cutting posts.

6: Points to remember

Mark the area first and then assemble the base frame

Make sure base is leveled otherwise your wall and decking wouldn’t fit.



Benefits Of Solar

Across Lismore, solar is playing a vital role in building healthier and resilient communities, in addition to addressing the challenges facing energy affordability as a result of the rising and volatile prices of electricity. The following are the main ways in which is solar is working for Lismore:

Low maintenance

With solar, it does not feature any moving parts in the roof-mounted solar array. Therefore, we can see that there is little or no maintenance required with solar. You don’t even bother cleaning the panels as the wind helps in keeping the surface dust free. For the case of a significant amount of snow, the sun that emerges mid-morning performs all the work by melting it away. Also, if you’re concerned with the operating and performance issues, the manufacturer’s warranty can address this out. Thus, solar promise low maintenance in comparison to other sources of energy.

Energy independence

When you use solar energy, you reduce the need of relying on sources like the non-renewable sources of energy. Therefore, solar energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels.


It is true that you take care of the surrounding whenever you generate electricity from the sunlight and renewable sources. Therefore, the more you use solar power, the less you will depend on electricity generated via dirty coal stations. The sources end up polluting the atmosphere adversely, and even causing deaths of the living things.

Guarantee performance

With the solar performance, you’re promised that no outbreak will be expected. All this is because they rely on light from the sunlight for their performance. Thus, as long there is sunlight, you’re quite sure that your operations will run as per the desires.

More energy

It is evident that we are living in a state providing more than 319 days of sunshine. Therefore, there are high chances for the solar panel to produce more energy that you need. In this case, you can preserve this energy to use it over the night in the absence of sunlight or when the panels are not in a position of producing energy.

Increase the home value

With solar panel at your home, it means that you’re not incurring any electric costs. Therefore, solar panels can make your home to emerging the best in the marketplace. Also, research shows that a home with a solar array sells faster in addition to bringing more money.

Save money

With solar panels, it means that you don’t incur monthly payments for electricity costs. Thus, you’ll end saving more when using solar panels throughout the year.

It’s reliable and safe

Looking at the case of modern solar technology, we find that they operate at less than 30A and 12V. Hence, the chance of starting fires or being electrocuted is very minimal. Therefore, when the system gets installed by using proper fuses and wires of the correct sizes.


Solar power does not produce any waste and consumes no fuel, hence clean.

In conclusion, we can see that solar panels present a sustainable option for the technology of conventional energy, with the capability of providing the owners of homes with a significant amount of their needs for energy while safeguarding the quality of the environment and human health. As a result, solar energy systems enhance economic opportunities and property values throughout the community.…


Is The Changing Climate Going To Affect Rates Of Skin Cancer?

There is absolutely no doubt that the climate is changing. And it is not changing in ways that are going to benefit long term human habitation on the globe. those who dent that climate change is a actually a scientific fact seem to have missed the point that there is a huge difference between weather and climate change.

If even the President of the United States can get a little confused about the issue then what hope do people who enjoy the outdoors have of understanding the impact of global warming?

So for those of us who love the feeling of the sun on our skin there is the truth. As global warming progresses the levels of UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface will, by and large increase.

As scientists have noted in the past decades instances of skin cancer / melanoma have been increasing as a direct result of the increased amount of UVA and other radiation that is hitting us as we go about our outdoor activities.

These observations are not theoretical – they are fact. In Australia where a large majority of the population enjoys an outdoor active lifestyle there will be over 15 thousand new melanoma diagnosis next year (according to https://myskincentre.com.au/). The results in Australia may, to a certain extent be attributed to the fact that the fact that there is a serious thinning of the protective ozone layer above the continent. However, if most climate scientists are to be believed that thinning will soon spread to other parts of the globe due to the effects of global warming.

So is global warming a reality – yes it is. Will it lead to increased numbers of people being diagnosed with melanoma conditions – yes it will. Australia is the canary in the coalmine. We will simply have to get used to the fact that the environment is becoming far more hostile to human beings than it has been in the decades preceding the 21st century.

The effects of the sun on the skin are well known to anyone who has spent any number of years in the outdoors. Increased incidences of sunburn are now becoming the norm And with each of those instances the likelihood of developing skin cancer skyrockets. Global warming is simply going to increase the likelihood of anyone who enjoys an outdoor lifestyle developing some form of skin cancer.

We cannot completely avoid the fact that the world outside is becoming a more dangerous place – in terms of our exposure to the elements but there are some common sense precautions that we can take.

Sunscreen – irrespective of the factor and supposed protection that it offers may not be enough any more. We must limit the time that we spend under the sun – and plan our days accordingly.

Protective clothing, including light cotton shorts and even the sorts of all body swim suits that are now required in Australia may be something we should all be getting used to.…


How Are Drilling Companies Becoming More Environmentally Friendly Going Forward?

The human impact on our environment is well documented. With this in mind, every industry is making concerted efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their business activities. Drilling companies have not been left behind. There are numerous avenues through which drill operators are reducing their environmental impact. Herein are some of the most notable ones.

#1. Using Advanced Low Footprint Rigs

Traditionally, drills have been designed to be massive, labour-intensive, and energy intensive. These rigs have typically been very expensive to run and have a large environmental footprint.

However, with modern technology comes a modern drilling rig. There are new drilling rigs that have been designed to inherently have the least footprint. For starters, they are smaller but can achieve the same gals as the traditional did. Secondly, they are highly automated, which reduces the number of people needed during operations. They also require much less energy to run, which bodes well for the environment as there are reduced emissions related to operating the rigs. Finally, being smaller, they also occupy much smaller space. As such, they cause a reduction in the amount of environmental degradation resulting from their presence and operations.

#2. Using Wooden Mats In And Around The Drilling Site

Companies operating drilling rigs are also utilizing wooden mats to minimize their operation cause. For instance, Cenovus which operate in northern Alberta makes use of wooden mats to provide temporary access roads as well as temporary platforms to work from. This protects the soil and the ecosystem associated with the area around the rigs.

#3. On-Site Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment associated with drilling activities is a major cause of environmental footprint. Tracking the wastewater to storage and or treatment facilities causes a huge negative impact on the environment. However, increasingly drill operators are investing in leading wastewater treatment technologies that allow the process of treating wastewater on-site.

For instance, GE has reportedly developed a treatment plant that makes use of membrane desalination which separates water from the dissolved salt. This technology is quite portable and can be deployed at the rig site, allowing users to process wastewater on-site. Additionally, operators can reuse the water, thereby requiring a lot less water extraction from other sources.

However, Water-Free drilling systems have been developed, which means not long from now, there will be drills operating without the need to use water, further reducing the environmental impact associated with drilling.

#4. Using Alternative Energy In The Drilling Process

Typically drills have been run purely on diesel. Every aspect of drill that requires energy input used diesel as the main and sometimes only source of energy. However, with the new age of renewable energy, more and more drill operators are using renewable energy sources. For instance, solar energy is now widely used in drilling operations, thereby reducing the energy needed to operate the rig. This has reduced the emissions related to drilling.

Other steps and technologies that are helping drill operator become more environmentally friendly include reducing gas flaring, using eco-friendly cleaning chemical (especially on the rigs), reducing paper usage in the drilling operations, and much more.…


Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly With These Tips

Adding eco-friendly items into homes has become a standard practice and even mandatory for certain new buildings. It not only saves the impact on the local and global environment, but each household gets an opportunity to save money in the long term. We spoke to a Perth home builder and got some tips on how to make your home more eco-friendly. These suggestions  include insulation, water efficient taps and solar power.


Adding insulation is one of the easiest ways to make a household eco-friendly. Insulation can be added to an existing house or installed during construction. In fact, insulation has become in some areas mandatory for new buildings. It’s arguably the most important aspect when it comes to conserving energy in a house. Insulation works by keeping cold air and hot air out during summer and warmth inside and cool air outside during the colder months. Insulation saves the energy costs of running heating and cooling devices.

There are three important areas to look at when it comes to insulating a home. The most important is roof insulation, which blocks the winter cold and summer heat. Insulating the floors and walls can also make the house more energy efficient, but this is usually done during construction. If you want to insulate an existing home, you should also consider the attic. However, this task can be quite hard due to lack of access. Insulating your property will lower your energy costs for many years.

Solar Power

This is one of the best options when it comes to making a home green. It’s an excellent option to provide a property with its own power for lighting, running appliances and even heating water. Solar power installation tends to be expensive, usually between $10000 and $40000. However, these costs depend on the power requirements of the household and the size of appliances. However, solar panels last for up to 25 years, making it a long-term investment. Solar power is an excellent option for those who want to cut down their energy expenses while becoming environmentally friendly. Grid fed solar is considered to be the most efficient way to have an environmentally friendly home, supplying the extra power to the grid and drawing it when you need it.

Water Efficient Taps

It’s easy to add water efficient taps and shower heads with the cost of about $100 for an average 3-bedroom house. You can also add aerators to the bathroom and kitchen taps to mix air and water and thus reducing water usage. These changes can save you a lot in the long term while remaining eco-friendly.

Rain Water tanks

These are excellent if you want to have an environmentally friendly house that saves you water and money year after year. Your local government may also have eco grants which can aid in buying a rainwater tank. You can connect the water from the tank to showers, toilets, washing machines and not just the garden. The cost, of course, depends on the size, installation position as well as water application.

These are some of the ways to transform your house into an eco-friendly home. Save your money and reduce your carbon print with these tips.…


Tips For Creating an Environmentally Friendly Garden

You might be wondering: Why do I need an environmentally friendly garden? Well, creating and maintaining an eco-friendly garden is an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint and the damage caused by modern living. Even the smallest of changes can make a marked difference to the health of the planet.

That being said, here are a few relatively simple solutions to make your garden more eco-friendly.

Start by Creating a Compost Heap

Kitchen and recycled garden waste are perfect for creating a compost pile. Also known as the ‘gardener’s gold’, compost enhances soil fertility by providing plant-loving nutrients. Apart from encouraging healthy root development, adding rich and healthy compost to your garden also improves soil aeration, texture as well as water retention. So, why waste your money on commercial products when you can create the real deal for free?

Simply start a pile in a sunny area of your yard. Over time, nature will have created rich ready to use compost for your garden. You will not only have saved money but helped the environment as well.

Use Organic, Eco-friendly Pest Control

There are numerous ways of handling pests in the yard without resulting to harmful chemicals. Most of the commercial pest control products are detrimental to other animals and plants.

An excellent solution is to use nature to fight the unwanted pests. Use plants that attract birds and insects like ladybirds. Both of these will help see the pests off.

Install Solar Lighting

Powering your garden technology using solar power is not as expensive as you may think. Of course, the first use of solar energy that comes to mind is for lighting. What could be prettier than looking at a garden lit by an energy that’s free and doesn’t do damage to the environment?

Solar powered lights are cheap, simple to install and look great paired with a decorative screen. They also have enough power to illuminate plants and pathways.

Grow Your Own Food

The five a day of fruit and vegetable rule is not hard to follow, but it can quickly become expensive to purchase volumes of fresh fruit and vegetables which can be easily grown at home.

You do not need a lot of land to grow your own vegetables. You can even purchase simple hanging baskets or growbags if space is an issue. Also, fruits and vegetables that you grow on your own tend to taste better and have no harmful fertilisers or pesticides added to them that harm your body and the environment.

Also, you can rest assured that the healthy food you are providing for you and your loved ones has not travelled from great distances, further damaging the environment.

Harvest Rainwater

Getting a rain barrel is a cheap and effortless way to collect chlorine-free water for watering your garden, lawns as well as rinsing windows and cleaning cars. By harvesting rainwater, you will not only notice a reduction in water bills, but also a decrease in stormwater runoff. This helps reduce flooding and soil erosion which is making the environment better.…


4 ways you can protect the environment by being a vegan

By being careful about the food you choose to eat, you can contribute positively to the environment. By choosing to be a vegan you can prevent many animals from slaughter. Here are some of the ways you can protect our environment this way.

You can protect the soil

If you eat only plant-based food, you will get all the different kinds of nutrients available in the soil. According to research when animals are raised for consuming, the nutrients at the topsoil start to get lost. Desertification and deforestation occur.

It conserves water

Earth’s fresh water is mostly used in agriculture. It takes much more water to produce beef compared to a similar amount of plant food. You can conserve water by not eating beef. When you consume seafood, many species may become endangered.

It makes the air clean

You will get a very bad smell from factory farms. These farms produce air pollution. Lots of nitrous oxide is released in manure and this contributes to climate change. Animal agriculture can contribute to greenhouse gas.

It can save energy

It requires lots of energy to produce animal-based protein than making plant-based protein. So, by eating only plant-based food, you will be able to save a lot of energy.

If we can develop the habit of eating plant-based food, then we will be able to save our environment from getting destroyed. We can also prevent ourselves from many diseases and stay healthy.…


3 ways to keep your neighborhood clean

You should teach your kids to keep the environment clean from a very young age. You should teach them how to keep their neighborhood pollution free. We all should be aware of our surroundings and try to keep the environment clean. Here are some ideas on how you can keep your neighborhood clean.

Have a monthly clean up day

You should encourage your children to form a group so that they can have a monthly clean up day. You can join your neighbors and fix a day when you will pick up trash and clean your neighborhood. It can be a fun event.


Many of the letters that we find in our streets are recyclable. You should recycle these things. You can teach your kids about the items that are recyclable and what they should do with it. You can arrange a competition for kids to collect recyclable items.

Plant trees and take care of trees

You should trim and cut tree branches in your neighborhood. Branches that are too long can get inside the house through windows. You should keep the branches short so that it doesn’t damage properties. You should arrange a tree planting day. On this day you will plant new trees in your neighborhood. Plants can give you fresh air and make the environment healthy to live in.

These tips are very effective in keeping your neighborhood clean. The entire family can participate in this event and have fun. Most importantly, everyone in the community together can keep their environment in good condition by taking these steps.

Infographic by: www.americanforests.org