Sliding Door Vs Hinged Door Cost

Episode 9: on this episode i compare the difference between sliding doors and hinged doors. What to think about when choosing either one.

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In this episode we are back on site to talk to you about cavity sliding doors. A really good advantage of the sliding door is very good for space. When you’re tight on space and consider changing one of your normal hinge doors to a cavity sliding door it will save a lot of room. Now can you imagine if this was a swinging door you would not be able to do this, you will have to swing it this way or have to swing in. So replacements with having a sliding door is a great idea just keep that in mind next time you want to do one of this. If you know anyone that wants to change their hinged doors to a cavity sliding door or didn’t know about this, tag them. In the comments below I’d love to hear your thoughts against cavity sliding doors or hinged doors. Thanks for watching. Bye for now.